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Marmsregine Tutors, a technology-driven tutoring education company, has primary tutoring services that offer academic tutors (focus - pre-nursing subjects and other Allied Health Sciences, including English). Our minor services offer foreign language courses Tagalog, English, and English test preparation courses for post-graduate entrance exams. (TOEFL, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT, GRE, Nursing Entrance Exams.- NLN, HESI A2, TEAS, Kaplan,etc.). In the future, we can hire tutors for professional adult courses taking professional eligibility exams. such as teacher's certification exams., registered nurse licensing exams., pharmacy technician certification exams., securities licensing exams., and other professional board certificates and licensing exams. (MD,JD,etc.).

Currently, our small company provides piano lessons in the arts and entertainment skills. In the future, we will hire yoga, fashion, guitar, and other musical instruments tutors. Other upskilling tutors for special skills may also be hired in the future depending on the needs and the demands of human resources marketing and recruitment fields of different expertise.

We operate through WhatsApp through communication. We currently use the interactive learning platform of Zoom, Google meets and Setmore's teleport videoconferencing (link on the booking section here) now.  We are also in the process of integrating the BigBlueButton into our system as our future online class platform.

What is the BigBlueButton?

BigBlueButton is completely open-source and was created by a community of dedicated developers passionate about helping improve online learning. It is constantly evolving and improving through a dedicated, growing international user and developer community. To date, there have been more than a dozen releases of the core product, and each new release has seen the development of new features, testing, and documentation as well as improved community support. Our focus is singular: support teaching with improved, online tools that allow teachers to connect with students in ways that are synchronized, collaborative and fun.

Built for online learning, BigBlueButton was born out of the Technology Innovation Management (TIM) program at Carleton University’s Institute for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization in Ottawa, Canada, and was launched externally in 2007.

BigBlueButton is built for teachers. 
Link - https://bigbluebutton.org/open-source-project/about/

In the future, we hope to have our interactive app and online learning platform under our name if we need further expansion of our small business.
Founded last January 2021, and the main office is in New York City, USA. Thank you.


Our team offers three academic tutoring packages - Basic, Standard, and Special Package.

Our arts and entertainment tutoring packages depend on the rates and expertise of our music teachers. Rates vary according to their fees of expertise.

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We offer tutoring, study notes, eBook,
accessories and other merchandise.

MarmsRegine Tutors

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About MarmsRegine Tutors

We will give you study tips on successfully passing your science courses, whether in your college courses or Nursing entrance examinations, to get into the program.

Our current academic focus is on two (2) categories:
First, we specialize in test preparations in the Nursing entrance examination like the HESI A2, NLN, ATI, and Kaplan.

a) We can tutor specifically for the Anatomy & Physiology section of the HESI A2. Personally, I got 100% on that section. Although, I scored 92% in Math, 90% in Reading Comprehension, and 920/1000 in Critical Thinking we will focus more on Anatomy & Physiology.

b) In the NLN exam. we can tutor in Biology. I got 90% on the RN criteria and 92% on the LPN criteria.

c) On the ATI and Kaplan examination, we can tutor the science section also. I haven't taken the ATI & Kaplan exam. However, they need you to know the basic knowledge in the field of science.

Second, we specialize in tutoring in the field of Allied Science subjects.

a) Biology
b) Microbiology
c) Pharmacology
d) Anatomy and Physiology
e) Genetics
f) Psychology
g) Developmental Psychology
h) Nutrition
i) Pathophysiology

Our secondary tutoring services are in the arts and entertainment. Currently, we have tutors for piano lessons, a voice coach (singing), and other musical instruments tutors who are being hired soon for our team of music tutors.

Thank you.


Book your appointment with Marmsregine Tutors in the following ways.

1) Book here on our website by clicking the package of your choice.

2) Setmore booking - https://marmsreginetutors.setmore.com
Related Link - https://teleport.video/marmsregine-tutors/marmsreginetutors

3) Facebook - https://fb.com/book/marmsreginetutors/
Related Link - https://www.facebook.com/marmsreginetutors/

Bio Marmee Regine

I am Marmee Regine Cosico. I started this tutoring website to be able to focus on my current students who will continue to follow my lead in their college studies. I graduated from CUNY Hunter College in New York City with a BA in Human Biology and Psychology. My goal is more on quality than quantity. I care for every student to successfully pass their courses.

I am a graduate from Hunter College last January 23, 2020. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology and Psychology as my double major. Before and after graduation, I have tutored my classmates and other students in another tutoring company. I tutored high school honor students and those adults who have disabilities who are looking to improve their English vocabulary. While I tutor a broad range of subjects, I am most passionate about the field of Science, which includes Biology, Psychology, Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, and other Allied Science courses. I also had experience tutoring students for test preparation topics on Science for Standardized testing in some school admission. I enjoyed discussing with my students prepping for any science questions and some math portions of the exams. Teaching is in my bloodlines. My father's side is mostly teachers in their chosen professions. My mother's side is mainly in the field of nursing. That is why I am pursuing an application to any accelerated Nursing program in New York schools that offer them. Teaching is one of the noblest professions in the history of humanity. I still remembered my teachers since my childhood days. I owe it to them for shaping my mind and having vast knowledge in the scientific world. My teachers inspired me to love Science until this day. I want to give back to my future students to share that love of Science with me. I also want to be a part of my students' lives to help shape their minds to become future scientists or teachers. It only takes a little inspiration to blow up a fiery motivation to someone's mind to value their education towards a fulfilling and satisfying life in the future.

Thank you.

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Nursing entrance examinations today test the basic science knowledge of students before they study into the program. It is the reason why we choose to specialize in the science section of the different test preparations in the general study of Nursing entrance examinations like the HESI A2, NLN, ATI, and Kaplan.

Next, we develop the idea to focus on teaching Allied Science subjects on Biology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Anatomy, and Physiology. Think about mastering those five (5) essential subjects that will be the foundation of your higher education. 

Thank you for visiting our site.

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Believe and Succeed

Believe and Succeed

Marmsregine Tutors is a group of tutors around the world who will share their skills.

The tutors will set their own tutoring rates and provide the company a certain percentage for their platform use. MarmsregineTutors will advertise the company, and the percentage money πŸ’° or cryptocurrency payment from the working tutors will be used to pay for the ongoing email marketing & social media platform to sustain, make the website thrive, and grow the tutoring community worldwide.

Just to let you know that I am also involved in cryptocurrency as the future digital exchange of trading goods and services worldwide. I actually used Bitcoin to purchase a book online for the first time last week. In the future, we will be open not just to monetary payment but also to cryptocurrency payment.

The tutors will have the options on what manner they wanted to get paid with their online tutoring services. Right now, as a tutor myself on this website, I am open to accepting money (USD), Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Doge, Helium, and the cryptocurrency that’s still in progress- Pi coins. (Invite CODE: RichRooster8)

The future technology is changing, and we all need to adjust to the changing times that will suit our lifestyle and evolve with the worldwide transformation to a better tomorrow.

If you are a tutor, apply today & email us - m[email protected] or [email protected]

Connect also through linktr.ee - https://linktr.ee/MarmeeRegine8

Come and join our online tutor community of worldwide tutors today.

Thank you πŸ™.

-Marmee Regine-



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Welcome to Marmsregine Tutors

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Our team

We have an awesome team of Test preparation and Allied Science Tutors. You can request a tutor by sending us an email at [email protected]. Thank you.

Our team is composed of certified tutors who are experts in those above-mentioned subjects.


I am both a Psychology and Human Biology in my bachelors.  I studied until third year medical school in the mid-90's.                                           Subjects:
Pharmacology, General Biology, General Medicine, General Microbiology, Human Physiology, Pathophysiology, Prep - Math, Science Test, Nursing Test Prep - HESI A2, ATI Teas, NLN, Kaplan Prep, Anatomy, and Physiology.


Subjects: Biology, Anatomy, and Physiology, Human Physiology ,
General Psychology General Microbiology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Math & Science Test Prep.


Taha is our MCAT  tutor who scored 96th percentile . Subject to tutor in the four main topic areas:
*Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems; *Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems; *Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior; and *Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills.

These translate to college-level biology and biochemistry, chemistry and physics, psychology and sociology, and critical reasoning.


Nat is a Biology major. Subjects: General Biology,Basic Math, Food Science, Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Math Science Test Prep.


Ian is our Math tutor on basic math, algebra, pre-calculus and basically anything below calculus.
He has not tutored Statistics before, but he aced the class when he took it, so he can refresh on the subject anytime to tutor someone.


Language tutor;

PO Box 538
New York, NY

917-634-1319 [email protected]

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What our customers write about us

Studying needs a strategy. At Marmsregine Tutors we will provide you how to study every Allied Science subject in an effective manner. Not all subjects are the same. Although, we advise you that repetition is the key we will tailor your needs depending on your learning styles and your abilities. Read what our former students' past experiences with us after successfully passing their test examinations and getting good grades to their satisfaction. Thank you.

"Marmee gives me the push that I need to excel! Every session has been a confidence boost. She builds me up and tells me that I can do this! It is up to me to put in the hard work and the time to get this grade, and she encourages me to do so which is what a student needs in order to shine through! Thank you so much! :)"

Chelsea Shultz

Nursing student
Montana, USA

"Marmee tutors me for both Microbiology and Anatomy and she is very knowledgable, kind, and just overall very helpful during our tutoring sessions. She always makes time to tutor me and explains every little detail thoroughly. She goes above and beyond to make sure I really know the material, and she gives me advice on how to best learn and memorize it. She is an amazing tutor and I have learned so much from our time together. "

Sarah Mesa

Nursing Student
California, USA

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